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The Environmental Research Group is working towards providing websites which are for everyone. This website has been designed to be accessible for the widest possible audience regardless of their ability. This includes making access as easy as possible for people with disabilities who may have special needs.

Visual impairments

  • The LCEP supports responsive layout of content, this allows users to increase the default font sizes to improve readability.
  • The colour scheme conforms Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) recommendations for text and background colour contrast.
  • The site was tested using a ‘High Contrast’ and ‘Grayscale’ browser plugin and all functionality was still available.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome (Version 79 and higher)
  • FireFox (Version 66.0.3 and higher)
  • Internet Explorer (Version 11 and higher)
  • IE Edge

How to use the keyboard to navigate the website

The keyboard provides a precise, discrete method of navigating and selecting. Mobility impaired users using the keyboard can precisely navigate and select using the keyboard or assistive technology that emulates the keyboard.

LCEP supports top to bottom keyboard navigation as well as traversing the items in the menu bar. Keyboard operation support is required for users who are unable to use the mouse. For example, users with limited hand use may not have the fine motor control required to position the mouse pointer accurately on objects displayed on the screen. Blind users cannot position the mouse pointer because they can’t see the screen.

  • Tab Index – the website has a tab index coded into each page to allow a sensible order for the keyboard navigation. This starts in the main content section and then moves through the navigation areas in the tab order.
  • Tab Key – use the ‘Tab’ key to move forward through the tab index on the page. To move backward hold ‘Shift’ and press the ‘Tab’ key. To activate a link when selected press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Arrow / Cursor keys – for using radio buttons on a web page, select the first one with the tab key and then use the cursor / arrow up and down keys to move through the available radio buttons. To activate a link when selected press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Space Bar – for using checkboxes on a web page, select the required checkboxes with the tab key and then use the ‘space bar’ to tick them. To activate a link when selected press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Enter / Return key – To activate a link when selected press the ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ key.

If you are having any trouble navigating the site, please contact our support team at :